Lord Alistair Ainsworth, the game´s  protagonist.

Lord Alistair Ainsworth, the game´s protagonist.



A rich aristocrat, sole heir to the fortune of his deceased uncle Saville, an idle landowner.

An isolated life intensely dedicated to indoor study and research has further unhinged an already twisted mind. For Lord Alistair Ainsworth the barrier that separates reality from fantasy is but a thin blurred line.

It was by chance that Lord Alastair began to take an interest in all things occult and in Waldemar Gorobec especially. He came across him while doing research on oriental rites – for he wanted to become an orientalist after reading William Beckford.

It was also at this time he first learned about the primordial deities that prey on humans during their astral slumber.

He now dove conscientiously into the perusal and study of anything he could find on defensive spells and tools of magical defence. Truth be told, he always considered this research to be a preventive measure.

After graduating with honors from the University of Occult Sciences and Theosophical Studies, (distance learning), he built a collection of old grimoires and manuscripts and corresponded with several experts on the subject, such as Fiorella, a continental witch, among others.

He wrote unpublishable treaties on inexplicable and inescrutable proceedings.

Having to leave London in a rather hurried manner, after receiving threats and cold shoulders at the spiritist clubs he frequented, resulting from a desultory dispute with Arthur Edward Waite (who later went on to found the Rosicrucian order) on the ¨mephistophelean dimension of the spirit and the soul¨ , he settled in Goroldavia, where he delved deeper into his study of his pet research subject, the infamous Mr Gorobec.

As his isolation and his obsession with said sorcerer grew, he finally managed to acquire the ownership of Waldemars old and decrepit mansion, Fort Börtön, and that is where he established his living quarters. He took with him his butler Nigel, so as to be freed from the overly mundane pursuit of domestic tasks.

And this is where our story begins…