The Season of the Warlock


He has been Lord AlistairĀ“s butler for about 6 years now.

Lord AlistairĀ“s requirements for a butler included that he be reliable, obliging, resourceful and possessed of initiative. Nigel can lay claim to vast amounts of the latter – in his case it basically means he does pretty much whatever he wants – and sparse, measured doses of everything else. He is obliging without being slavish, well disposed without being tame, and resigned to the eccentricities of a master who, to be fair, is not at all tightfisted.

His rosy complexion and healthy bulk are in complete contrast to the dignified pallor and sparse, ascetic flesh of his employer but his encounters with the unexplainable and the downright bizarre, have given his demeanor an acrid touch.

Being the son of a groom, he is a good hand with horses and, his mother having been a baker and a confectioner, he is competent in the kitchen, and insatiable at his dinner table, a fact that is beginning to show on the girth of his belly.

Nigel is a sociable creature, and is equipped with what is rare among his ilk, an imagination. His relations with the lower rooms of other households are usually fruitful, especially if any attractive parlour maids are involved.